Lambda Psi Nu Nursing Sorority Membership Benefits

Lambda Psi Nu Nursing Sorority, Inc is a professional organization that provides an exciting interactive experience for every member and encourages personal, professional and educational growth. Diversity and inclusion is important to our organizations and we continue to partner with a variety of Nursing, Healthcare Institutions, Healthcare Organizations and Academic Organizations to ensure our members have the best experience. As a member you can participate in:

Educational Conference – Lambda Psi Nu Nursing Sorority, Inc. produces an annual educational conference every summer. This conference assists in the educational advancement of organization executives, nurse leaders and nursing students. The annual conference is open to members only.

Quarterly Newsletter – Perspectives, Lambda Psi Nu’s quarterly newsletter is a vehicle used to communicate the latest industry trends to the membership.

Member Database – All members have access to the member database and can successfully market their chapter’s educations and community services via our APP.

Personal and Professional Development – Lambda Psi Nu Nursing Sorority members are encouraged to serve as workshop presenters at conferences and to write articles for publications within our newsletter. Our newsletter highlights members industry experiences, sharpens their leadership skills and encourages all members to serve on Lambda Psi Nu committees.

Networking Opportunities – Lambda Psi Nu members are provided unique networking opportunities that yield mutually beneficial relationships.

Sales Opportunities – Lambda Psi Nu Vendor Members are introduced to an untapped market of professional nurses that can help take their business to the next level.

Continuing Education Credits – Membership in Lambda Psi Nu and attendance at Lambda Psi Nu Seminars, Webinars and Annual Conference allows members to gain credit towards their Certifications and licensure renewal

National Nursing Certification– Members Only-Lambda Psi Nu offers National nursing certification an certificates as long as you meet the necessary requirements.

Scholarships – Lambda Psi Nu provides annual scholarships to nurses and nursing students aspiring to advance their careers in healthcare.

Awards – Lambda Psi Nu provides annual Awards to nurses, nursing students and community leaders advancing their careers in healthcare.

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