Lambda Psi Nu Nursing Sorority (Λ Ψ Ν)

June 2-5, 2022 Line Crossing Event

Nursing is our Ministry 

DELTA HOTEL Virginia Beach, VA

    1. Check-in on Thursday, June 22022
      1. Executive Board Meeting 10 am -12pm in Board Room (Professional Attire) 
      2. Prepare Registration Bags
  •  Registration from 4p-6pm outside the Banquet Room (Lambda Line shirt/leggings)
    1. Welcome Committee will distribute Lambda Packages and Welcome gifts
    2. Vendors Available outside Banquet Room at 4p-6p 
    3. Pajama Jam/Meet & Greet 7pm-9pm am in Banquet Room>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(Pajamas-NOT LINGERE)
    4. Mandatory Stroll/Dance Lesson 9p-10pm in Banquet Room

  • Friday, June 3rd, 2022
      1. Diabetes Management and Chronic Illness at the End of Life 8a-12p in Banquet Room>>>>>>>>(Business Attire /white shirts/Pearls/Black Blazers)
      2. Makeover and Professional Headshots 12p-2p in Board Room
      3. Vendors Available outside Banquet Room at 12p-2p 
  • Line Crossing Ceremony (Mandatory) 4p-6p in Banquet Room>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (ALL white short dress/shoes/Gold jewelry) 
  • Lambda Psi Nu Beach Party 7p-10p in Banquet Room (Cash Bar)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(All White Party and all white attire or Bathing Suits w/cover-up)

  • Saturday, June 4th, 2022
      1. Group Photo Shoot in On the beach at 10 am sharp >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(Line Crossing Attire white shirts/Leggings/Black shoes/Gold jewelry) 10a 
  • Community Service/Bring Donations 12p-2p Mandatory TBA 

(Lambda Line shirt/leggings/Black sneakers)

    1. Boat Party 10am-2p TBA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gold/White/Attire)
    2. Vendors Available outside Banquet Room at 12p-2p 
    3. Makeover 4p-6p  in Board Room
    4. Professional Head shots 4p-6p in Board Room  Area
  • Lambda Psi Nu Masquerade GALA 7p-11p Banquet Room 

(Long Black Dress/Black shoes/Gold jewelry)

(Awards Presentation/Raffle and Music by DJ Corey/Cash Bar)

  • Sunday, June 5th, 2022 at 9am-11 am
      1. Lambda Ladies Soulful  Sunday Brunch in Banquet Room 9am-11am Keynote Speaker: Soror Myrtz Dobbson Presentation about “Nursing is our Ministry”  (Wear your Sunday best and hat)

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